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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  July 4, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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his life, help and, you know, someone would rescue them. >> reporter: those rescued are in good condition. the u.s. coast guard is assisting in the search for the 8 people still missing. >> the helicopter conducts patterns in which they have legs in which they go, sweep up and down so they are not wasting time. they covered 42 nautical miles of area. >> they are identifying some survivors, a police chief, a man from novato. we have more coming up at 6:00, including how it could turn from a search mission to recovery. maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. more details on that accident. officials say 19 of the 35
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people rescued were u.s. tourists. the other 16 were mexican crew members. new details about that deadly shooting at bart station in san francisco. ktvu's david stevenson tells us one key question is why did thorses not use their taser. -- the officers not use their tasers. >> reporter: 93 we are hearing from people who were here. he says he heard 4-5 shots as officers confronted and shot to death a man inside san francisco's station. bart chief of police says it began at 9:35 p.m. about a call about a white male. >> there was a white male subject walking around that platform with a open bottle of
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alcohol. the two officers, one with six years experience, the other 18 months, arrived at 99:45. within a minute the suspect had been shot. >> the guy is armed with a knife, used the bottle as a weapon. one of the officers is injured. our officers used the force they felt was necessary in defense of their lives. >> reporter: the injured officers suffered a minor cut. both officers are on administrative leave. san francisco police closed the station to corral witnesses. >> 3-4 officers at each exit and entrance, making sure no one left the station. >> reporter: one of the officers was armed with a taser. it's unclear why he didn't use it. some passengers said there should have been another way. >> i feel if a cop has a gun
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and a guy has a knife and he has a taser, the taser should stop the guy. >> reporter: the san francisco police are the lead agency on this. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. coming up at 5:15, bart increased training following the shooting of oscar grant. we will break down the changes the officers have undergone. police are investigating what happened when on officer crashed his car on highway 4 today hitting another car. the officer was taking a suspect to jail this morning when he lost control and flipped over his patrol car. it crashed into a car with two people inside. the suspect was distractive to officers. >> he had been unruly during the arrest and he was spitting on the officer and that's --
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the officer was trying to get something to stop the prisoner from spitting on him when the accident occurred. >> two people were hospitalized. the officer was treated and released from the hospital. >> investigators are searching for signs of fireworks near the site of a car lot fire. we obtained this video of the fire. san francisco police say witnesses reported hearing fireworks before the flames broke out. the fire burned 45 cars in a rental parking lot. on this fourth of july celebrations are sparking safety concerns. ktvu's robert handa is live in a neighborhood that is a potential hot spot. >> we are in the san jose foot hills, one of many areas crews are patrolling. as we saw, you don't need a lot
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of high, dry vegetation to create a hot spot. not with fireworks around. a small brush fire here this afternoon, remnants of fireworks were found and residents say they saw kids playing with fireworks earlier. a community center had minor damage and no reported injuries. many cities are concerned about this type of situation. >> we have that every year. a sparkler or a bottle rock and the it will start a roof on fire and that could spread to a neighborhood. we ask people to remember safe and sane doesn't mean they are not dangerous. >> reporter: fireworks continue to sell well in gilroy. people we talk to say they aren't taking precautions. >> we as parent only light them. we keep inkids away.
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they stay on the sidewalk. we keep a bucket of water, safe. garden hose. >> reporter: the cal fire unit says along with fireworks it is concerned with other activities such as camp fires and large bb qs. >> make sure your fire is out before leaving, cold, dead and out. >> reporter: again patrols are looking for illegal fireworks. fines up to $15,000 and a year behind bars. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. the bay area has been blessed with beautiful weather for this fourth of july holiday. rosemary is live and tracking our temperatures today. >> big improvements over yesterday. temperatures 5-15 degrees cooler than what we experienced on sunday. live look of the bay.
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haze out there thanks to a sea breeze. humidity is up, that's also good news when we are talking about fire danger. some of the highs so far. 90 degrees in santa rosa. 94 concord. 96 livermore and 99 in antioch. the final round up will come in the next half hour. still quite hot out there. we are going to get hotter come to see. we will look that highs tomorrow and talking about the sea breeze, we got fog and low clouds long the coast line, whether or not that will impact fireworks tonight. the coast guard is planning extra patrols today. they had a helicopter over san francisco bay this afternoon. in addition for looking for anyone in trouble they were looking for people who operate boats under the influence of alcohol or drugs. on the roads the chp is
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reporting an increase in dui arrests and highway deaths in california. between friday night and this morning 1,358 people have been arrested statewide, compare that to 1,329 last year. in the bay area 221 drunk driving suspects were arrested. 22 people died roferon california highways last year, last year the number was 17. bay area reported one death this year and last. right now is when folks head home, interstate 80 in berkeley. you don't see that every day. smooth sailing in both directions. south bay, highway 17 and interstate 280 in san jose, you can see for yourself. not a problem at all. >> thousands of miles from home but american troops are
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enjoying a fourth of july tradition overseas. u.s. marines in began gan brought out the bbk. troops cooked up steaks and hot dogs while the celebration was a taste of life back home they say they know their job overseas is not over yet. >> makes you appreciate the things we enjoy as americans and we would be happy to celebrate but patrols till goes out and work still needs to be done. >> u.s. and nato forces plan to hand over responsibility by the end of 2014. send us your pictures and video of bay area events and family and friends, e-mail them at
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they picked up two men thrown overboard and gotten safely to shore. the fire department tide off the boat till the owner could recover it. some people in the east bay used this fourth of july to bring attention to a important cause. the event is named for a girl who died in her sleep for unexplained reasons. it was not sids, they know that due to her age. the run and walk is to raise money and create public awareness. >> all of the proceeds goes towards medical research, for this program. >> the funds pay for research and find causes and prevention for the illness that took her life. no word on how much was raised today. police officers receive additional training when it comes to the use of lethal
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force, how that training was put to the test last night. and a massive oil slick in montana is on the move, the clean up crews joining the fight today. it's really delicious, mom. it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once
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a quicked sex offender is behind bars charged with the rape and beating of a woman. police arrested him early this morning at the villa inn. he forced his way in and beat and raped her. officers found her unconscious and booked him on rape, berkeley and violating patrol. police and the sheriff's department are investigating four shootings last night that left three dead and four wounded.
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it was one of three shootings within the city that claimed the life of another one. and a shooting in the area of northridge left one dead and another man wounded. right now investigators are trying to determine if any of the shootings are connected. the shooting last night of a drunk and arm person in san francisco at a bart station reignited the discussion of training of bart police officers. >> reporter: since the shooting of oscar grant here at the bart station some 2-1/2 years ago bart requires all officers to undergo more rigorous training when it comes to using lethal force. >> reporter: officers carry defense tools from nonlethal to deadly. after johannes mehserle shot and killed oscar grant in 2009
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bart instituted new training procedures. each officer must undergo 40 hours of training each year, more than the state requires. training includes use of guns, tasers, and conflict resolution. >> transitioning between different levels of force, a baton to pepper spray, from a taser to your hand gun to your taser, those are the issues -- scenarios that have been presented to the officers. >> reporter: last night's shooting in san francisco is being investigated, the police chief says it appeased the victim posed a deadly threat to officers. >> somebody armed with a knife, deadly force is definitely in the realm of options. >> reporter: since the oscar grant shooting they hired a new police chief and bart established a citizen review
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board to monitor police practices and policies. >> training is a big one. we train all our officers in that method. >> reporter: bart says it's assisting san francisco police and will be analyzing what happened as part of an internal investigation. reporting live, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. six members of the u.s. armed forces got a surprise today from their boss. he phoned to wish them a happy fourth of july. among them was a man from california. he was serving in afghanistan. hello, everybody! happy fourth of july. >> and it was an old fashioned
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fourth of july that white house. president obama and first lady michelle obama hosted military families for a bbq. the president gave a shout out to all the branches of the u.s. armed forces. >> you represent the latest in a long line of heroes who served our country with honor and made incredible sacrifices. >> the first couple shook hands and pose for photographs. the sights and sounds of patriotism filled the bay today. [ music playing ] >> thousands of people watched the parade in danville this morning, the parade features captain sully sullivan, who in 2009 made a crash landing in the hudson river. the kids loved the fourth of july. >> we have been here last couple of years. lots of fun. >> it's remarkable we are all
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together here. great for the community to pull together. >> many veterans also marched in the parade, he appreciated the community support of the troops. >> at 5:30, the special meaning for one bay area serviceman. exxon mobil in -- some of the oil washed ashore, contaminating shore and grazing land. the oil has been spotted 100 miles down stream from the spill. 120 people are working to capture and remove the oil. we talked about the hot weather but the key question is fog, is it going to impact fireworks tonight?
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over to our meteorologist. >> tough call but so far so good. let's look at what is happening. low clouds that brought cooler conditions today. it is eroding from north to south. temperatures are cooling back. look what's happening here. we are watching as it moves towards the south, that is good news. fisherman's warf, looking good, clear. later tonight may be patchy so we should be in good shape. if the fireworks come at 9:00 or so and we see fog it shouldn't be so bad that we don't see the fireworks. right now temperatures still hot in some spots. concord, 95 degrees. 89 santa rosa. 82 san off eland cool by the coast -- san rafael.
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cool by the coast. looking at what you can expect for evening hours. long the coast you will need something to keep you warm. low 60s long the coast through 10:00. going to see 60 degrees inland, mid-upper 80 around 6:00. upper 70s at 8:00. during the fireworks we will cool down. at the end of the evening upper 60s, low 70s for the warmer areas. goinggoing to feel pretty good. the warm summer nights. fog forecast, it will be back in the overnight hours. we expect it to make its way back in. it's going to be patchy. i will show you at 6:00 but it will pull back and we are going to heat up for your tuesday. coming up, what we expect for your tuesday afternoon and then a cool down that will take us into the weekend. >> thank you. the fate of a mother
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accused of murder is going to the jury, the final word the juries had for the jury deciding if casey anthony killed her two-year-old little girl. the crime at the center of an erroneous tweet that the president had bill killed.
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. a soldier missing in afghanistan is confirmed dead
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tonight. the soldier was found shot to death, the soldier's name hasn't been released. this came hours after britting minter arrived. the casey anthony murder trial is now in the hands of the jury. after 35 days of testimony jurors must decide whether the death of caylee anthony was an accident or murder. the defense and the prosecution made their final appeals. >> casey anthony decided on june 16 that something had to be sacrificed. she chose to sacrifice her child. >> too live the life she wanted. >> prosecutors told jurors she murder caylee anthony to get back to the life he she had before her daughter was born bought jose baez says it plays
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on jurors emotions and not based on solid evidence. >> reasonable doubt lives here. it's right here, it's with these individuals. with those individuals. it's everywhere. you can't trust this evidence. >> casey anthony disappeared in 2008, she was discovered six months later near her home. if she is convicted casey anthony could get the death penality. someone haiksed into fox's twitter account posting that president obama was killed. saying president obama shot to death in iowa and the shooter was unknowned. fox called the messages malicious and false. secret service wouldn't comment. >> reporter: google shut down its real time search functions.
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google says if t wants to explore how to incorporate it with its own social network. the company said information on twitter that is available to our crawlers will still be searchable on google. flames forced two dozen people from their homes, what the an officer did after seeing the flames. and a winter wonderland on fourth of july? an unusual condition today that brings people out to celebrate the holiday.
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from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. in the network, everyone can get along. . more than 25 people lost their homes in a fire in san francisco today. firefighters also ended up rescuing a woman and two pets.
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how a parking enforcement officer may have helped save lives as well. >> reporter: san francisco firefighters arrived on mission this morning. >> you couldn't even see the fire building. smoke was pushing north on mission street street. >> police said that an alarm went off and alerted officers. smoke was pouring out of the garage. investigators say firefighters who just lost two firefighters last month were first on scene and rescued a woman overcome by smoke. >> one firefighter was transported with eye injuries and one was transported with smoke inhuidation. i don't know the condition of either of them. >> reporter: firefighters got control by about 7:00.
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26 people were displaced. he tells us she left so quickly she didn't have time to put on shoes and left her dogs behind. firefighters found the dogs and saved them. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: she is happy. as this point they say it does not appear to be suspicious. ktvu channel 2 news. one person is dead after the car they were driving crashed into a creek. happened this morning at tivth street west. witnesses said the driver approached a t intersection, smashed through a guard rail and landed in the creek. the driver was killed. no word on what caused the person to cash. they are investigating. thousands of people spent this fourth of july outside today at activities throughout
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the bay area. ktvu's janine de la vega went to several of the events and here is her report. [ music playing ] >> reporter: good old american music filled the air this morning to watch the independence day parade. >> happy fourth of july. home town feel with bagpipers, performers and lots of red, white and blue. the irs handing out audits in good fun and then uncle sam trying to collect. >> i am a trillion dollars in debt. >> reporter: lots of people decked out in patriotic colors. some outfitting their pets and some facing a serious reality. he is about to be deployed to afghanistan. >> more nervous, excitement than anything else. we know we are good.
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we know we can survive. get goh thren and get it over with. >> reporter: people celebrated with bbqs. a petting zoo. street performers entertained the crowds. >> good people down here and good music going on. i am going to find something good to eat. >> reporter: and in berkeley the fun continued with music and people strolling the marina. many went on a free boat ride. >> we walked by, let's try that before. they never did it so all three went to the water. to the high seas. >> that was janine de la vega reporting. here a couple of places where you can see fireworks today. san francisco water front, marine county fair and in concord and at great america in santa clara. shows start from 9:15 to 9:30. to find a fireworks show, go to
5:33 pm and click on the weekend extra tab. many are celebrating the fourth of july, and many other people headed to lake tahoe to hit the ski slopes. skiers and snowboarders were thrilled. >> usually camping. but couldn't pass this opportunity up. >> last year i hiked out here at the fourth of july. >> summer, look goods. never seen this before. >> thank you to all the men and women of the service who are out there making it so we can be here having a good time. >> they had some runs open this weekend. >> at 5:45, the black friday of the summer, the shopping spree spree going on and what is bringing in the big spenders.
5:34 pm
>> count down to nasa's final shuttle mission. during the mission they will deliver supplies to the international space station. the commander expressed pride today on behalf of his crew. >> i speak for everyone when i say we are proud to put the end on the space shuttle program. 1million people will attend the launch. after the mission atlantis will go into retirement. president obama oldest daughter is now a teenager. she visited africa with her mother first lady michelle obama. she turned 13 today. it's worth billions, the
5:35 pm
piles of treasures just discovered underneath this temple. and the very thing helping them become mothers may be putting their children at risk, the new research about in-vitro vertalizization. in-vitro fertilization.
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. prime minister resigned
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today. he will be replaced by the nation's first female prime minister. she is the sister of the former prime minister who lost power five years ago. the commander charged with war crimes was combative in court today. he disrupted court by shouting at the judge. he is accused offend leading cleansing during the civil war in the 1990s. protesters reminded the public that 8,000 men and boys were rounded up and slaughters. there may be more trouble for dominique strauss-kahn a writer says she may formally accuse him of trying to rape her. the woman says it happened in 2000 two. current allegations by a hotel worker are getting shaky due to
5:39 pm
revelations she has a history of lying. >> no clear evidence that links phones to brain tumors. they examined decades of studies from around the world. they found no way that radio signals will trigger a tumor. the latest paper comes after the -- high dosages of in-vitro fertilization treatments may reduce the -- hormones are used on women over 45. the study found chromosome damage to be more likely in eggs that had strong doses. a discovery of treasure worth billions. a court ordered search revealed a cash of gems, coins and bars
5:40 pm
and bars of gold and silver. the value is $11 billion, maybe even more. some of the vaults were shut for 150 years. the season to go shopping. retailers put a lot of stock in summer sales, still ahead. >> it is a nice afternoon to be outdoors. a time line for your fireworks tonight and the heat up expected for tomorrow.
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. california drivers pay more for vehicle repairs than people in other states. a study published looked at 800,000 bills nationwide. people in california pay 20% more than the national average for labor. the cost for parts is 7% higher. repair costs in california are 11% higher when parts and labor are combined. gas prices usually peeking on the fourth of july this year are trending down ward. $3.57, down 27 cents from a month ago. it is becoming a new tradition for a lot of shoppers. all the fourth of july sales.
5:44 pm
tom vacar has more. >> reporter: whether they put the offer in the paper or they put it here that shopper center itself the fact is consumers demand and retailers know. >> reporter: even this morning the target store was bustling. retailers know know shoppers are out in force on the fourth of july. >> people have to get their last minute needs and get ready for a fun day. >> while a few retailers took the day off, most other retailers were open and doing good business. according to analysts, five years ago 61% of americans felt holiday sales were a big deal. today that number rose to 84%. for target, which also has a grocery store, it's a good chance to sell other things.
5:45 pm
>> this week our sunday ad had a lot of groceries for everyone shopping for bbqs and hopefully coming in, grabbing clothes. >> more convenient that they have everything. if you see something you didn't think you needed, grab it. it's there. >> reporter: another major reason, retailers and consumers alike like one thing, no pressure. >> it gibs people extra time to shop and look around, see what is out there. like black friday of the summer time. >> more time to walk around and just browse. so it's relaxing, i guess. >> reporter: while some retailers offered 80% off, this year's average was 20%. reporting live, tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. a san jose man is once again the fourth of july hot
5:46 pm
dog eating champion. but it wasn't without controversy. >> joey chestnut is going to take his fifth title at the nathan's hot dog eating contest. >> so hard to watch. isn't it? joey chestnut collected the $10,000 grand prize by putting away 62 hot dogs and buns in 10 minutes. that is short of the record of 88 that he set on the fourth of july two years ago. >> didn't find my rhythm fast enough. it was a great rhythm but not record breaking. >> bottle of pepto in hand. last year his rival was arrested when he tried to rush the stage after refusing to sign a contract. this year he stayed away but he held his own demonstrations and
5:47 pm
consumed 69 hot dogs. one american won the tour de france, he sprinted ahead of the close. he held up his fingers in the shape of the letter w in memory of his close friend, a belgian bicyclist. we have more news coming up on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. we continue to monitor the situation in mexico where more than a dozen were rescued at sea. heather holmes is here with a look at the other stories. if you were confused about when and how often to get a mammogram, get ready for new information. imagine spending two nights lost in the sierras, tonight the best ending possible, plus
5:48 pm
protesters on the streets right now. >> thank you. half a dozen rafters from the bay area barely escaped serious injury when they capsized. one caught the action on his camera and that's the video you are seeing here. they entered the river, the water was high, fast and cold because of recent rains and snow run off. when they hit the first rapid, the raft flipped and all seven fell into the water. >> that question just crossed my mind, is this the way i go? and i just started paddling. >> one woman was treated for shock. she is now fine. nobody else was hurt. right now ken wayne will have more at 10:00. a mass positive stubborn wildfire in new mexico, most resident in los alamos are back
5:49 pm
home tonight. they were allowed to return yesterday. one man said he is glad to be home and glad to have a home. 63 houses were destroyed. the las conchas is 19% contained tonight. it continues to threaten sites on native american land. investigators confirmed the first tropical storm killed 19 people. for days arlene has been slamming central mexico with rain and flooding. the weather finally settled today. a few died in attempts to save others that turned disastrous but most died from drowning or accidents. thianest victim is 12 years old who was electriccuted. in the bay area people getting ready for fourth of july. let's go to our meteorologist. you have plans for us tonight for keeping warm?
5:50 pm
>> bundle up. the winds are picking up and we are cooling down. at least along the coast. inland, warm summer nights. notice the wind, 24 miles per hour and the clouds out there today, bringing in the possibility of, well, whether or not we will be getting to see some of the fireworks. looks like what we see will be patchy. if you have plans to head out, you are in good shape. it will be a bit chilly. look at the winds, santa rosa, 10 miles per hour. 13 in san jose. still warm around some of the inland areas. sitting in the 80s and low 90s. tonight by fireworks time, upper 50s for the coast. 68 for the bay area. 70s inland. mostly clear skys and 60 degrees in san francisco with a little bit of patchy fog but
5:51 pm
shouldn't impact the fireworks show. if we get that marine layer it will be shallow enough that we are not expecting it to block your view. tomorrow we will warm up again. morning fog, sunny skies in the afternoon and temperatures will be from 3-5 degrees warmer than what we saw today. a notable cool down in most areas today, 5-15 degrees and i am sure it felt good. radar, notice some of this green stuff, moisture pulling in from the southwest. could hit our southern areas by tomorrow afternoon. you may notice a build up. shouldn't be a big deal. gibbing you a look for tonight and the overnight hours, mild one, upper 50s and for the afternoon tomorrow, 94 santa rosa. 96 concord. widespread 80s and 90s, 100 degrees in areas like antioch.
5:52 pm
98 pleasanton. 87 fremont. extended forecast, bump up tomorrow and wednesday we cool down. more notable thursday and friday. if you can believe it, for the we weekend, below average. >> thank you. a british royal is showing his stuff. the special move prince william performed today as the couple takes cap duby -- canada by storm. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months.
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in the network, everyone can get along.
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. bay area soccer fans have a great place to watch the women's world cup. the parks department announced it will show the women's matches live on a big screen in civic center plaza. the finals start in germany next saturday. on their first official overseas trip together. prince william and his bride were treated more like rock stars than royalty. they took part in a dragon boat race. men against the women. the men won but kate got the
5:56 pm
last word, she tries to push her husband into the water. >> we look forward to meeting many of you. we are both looking forward to this day and discovering more about your beautiful island. >> prince william demonstrated his skills as a search and rescue pilot. he guided helicopter. they will attend sports and street hockey games, tour a garden, and take part in the stampede parade and then on friday they arrive in los angeles and just in case the receptions prove too sedate he will play in a polo match. how about a snow bear? look what walked through one of our live shots this morning.
5:57 pm
that story and a lot more coming up in 1-1/2 minutes.
5:58 pm
. a group of fisherman forced in to the waters after their
5:59 pm
boat sinks. an ice chest saved one man's life and the medical advice about mammograms got more confusing. complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. good evening everyone. >> the situation off the mexico coast may switch from rescue to recovery. one person was killed. ktvu's maureen naylor talked with the wife of one of the survivors and joins us live. >> 26 people were on board this fishing trip. 26 from northern california, including a local police chief. we don't know the identities of the people missing or the person killed. they clutched


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